Diamond Proportions

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Depth Percentage – The depth of a stone measured from the table to the culet. It is expressed as a percentage of the stone’s diameter at the girdle.

Table Size – The size of the table of a fashioned diamond is expressed as a percentage of the stone’s narrow-girdle diameter. On a round brilliant, it is measured from corner to opposite corner, rather than from flat side to flat side.

Ratio : Is referred to the overall diamond in LENGTH to WIDTH.

Girdle – The outer edge, or periphery, of a fashioned stone; the portion that is usually grasped by the setting or mounting; the dividing line between the crown and pavilion.

Diamond Properties Diagrams

Diamond Properties


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Should Your Diamond Have a Culet?

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Should Your Diamond Have A Culet?

This is a question often asked.

Which is better? Having a culet, or not having a culet?

Is one better than the other? Let’s have a more in depth look at culets.

What is a Culet?

A culet is the very bottom point (tip) of a diamond. This is where all the facets of the pavilion (base of the diamond) meet up. In easy terms it is the pointy end of the diamond.

The culet is the name of the facet that is left behind when the diamond cutter cuts that point off. The culet becomes an octagon facet parallel to the table (top flat part of the diamond).

Here is a diamond culet diagram:

Diagram Culets

Culet Cuts and Facets

There are 8 different types of culet facets. Most of the grades are good or excellent.

Only when you get into large, very large or extremely large culet sizes does it start to affect the look of a diamond.

A large culet will make it look like the diamond has a hole in it.

The 8 different grades of culets are:

  1. None = excellent
  2. Very small = excellent
  3. Small = excellent
  4. Medium = very good
  5. Slightly large = good
  6. Large = good
  7. Very large = fair
  8. Extremely large = poor

The Best Culet to Have

The best type of culet to have is anywhere from no culet, to a medium culet.

You can see what type of culet you have by checking out a diamond certificate (like a GIA certified diamond).

Even when the diamond has no culet, it is still listed with a culet: culet = none.

Having “No Culet” is considered excellent. So is “very small” and “small”.

If “no culet”, very small culet and small culet is considered excellent, does it matter if you choose one over the other?

It is a matter of opinion but generally it does.

The point of a culet

The reason a diamond has a culet is simple: it’s to prevent chipping or breaking. The diamond tip is fragile and can easily be broken if it gets bumped or hit.

This is why the tip is removed. It prevents the diamond from chipping.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Is having a small culet better than not having one? Sure! Why risk chipping a diamond if you don’t have to.


It’s not Worth the Risk

Let’s say you buy a beautiful loose diamond (the only way to buy a diamond is loose) with a top of the line color and clarity. It’s also certified by the best there is: GIA. You decide to have the diamond set into a tiffany style engagement ring. But, during the setting process, the jeweler accidentally pushes the diamond too far into the head (this holds the diamond in place) and chips the end of the diamond.

Chances are good that the jeweler won’t realize he did it either, and unless you microscope your diamond when you pick it up, you won’t know as well. This is not good, especially as the diamond has lost its value.

A Small Culet is Ideal

Having a small culet is the best culet to have!

As far as the diamond certificate goes, small culet or no culet will be graded the same (excellent), but for protection and peace of mind, having a small culet is much better than having no culet.

That is all the information you will need on Diamond Culets.

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Buying Wedding Band Online or Local Jewelry Stores?

Platinum Wedding Band

Research Wedding Bands

I started to research some local jewelry stores for wedding bands. I wanted to see what the price of marriage bands and a typical store price of a platinum wedding band. What I found was quite surprising. I went to bigger well known name stores. They all had a small collection of super light weight wedding bands. Most did not have more than one platinum band in stock but were using artificial plated samples.

The Details of the Wedding Bands

I started with the so called wholesale public stores. A couple of them had whats called K platinum. This is platinum mixed with amalgamate to reduce the price and worth. The price shown was not good value. Avoid this low quality platinum at all costs. When I asked for 950 platinum they usually had only awfully light weight bands. Most were what I would call extra light. I would not buy bands like that because the lack of thickness makes the edge a little too thin to be smooth.

Platinum Wedding BandIs it a Platinum Wedding Band?

I did see lots of palladium wedding bands that a number were trying to sell as platinum. The sales person did not say they were platinum but they did say it was nearly a similar thing and was a part of the platinum family. Naturally they forget to say that platinum is almost double the weight and the spot price of the metal is 3 times as much. The price being charged was a little under the platinum price . It seems like palladium is being used as a significant profit platinum look a like.

Know What You are Buying

At the end of the day you want to know what you are buying. I know online platinum wedding band store that are less than half what the local retail stores are set at plus gives all of the details. I always list the weight and thickness. If you are making an attempt to comparison shop be sure to ask for the gram weight and thickness of any wedding band you are looking at buying. Buying rings can be done safely online and you can compare real values if you area good buyer.

Finding that Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

engagement rings

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Perfect Diamond Engagement RingI was lucky enough to have recently become engaged to a beautiful girl. I will write about my own experience of looking for a diamond engagement ring for her….

Online Research for a Diamond Engagement Ring

When I first decided I would get engaged and buy my lovely girlfriend a beautiful engagement ring I had absolutely no experience or knowledge of diamonds or even engagement rings in general. So the first thing I did was get online and type in the typical phrases like “engagement ring” or “diamond rings” etc. A load of web pages were listed and I was instantly able to find a lot of information about diamonds and engagement rings.

The 4 C’s

I soon learned of the 4 C’s and what they mean, the importance of understanding this. I printed out the charts and sent copies to my smartphone so when I was in the shops I could look up to see what grade the diamonds on the rings were.

The 4 C’s are:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat weight

Shopping in Asia

At first when I went out I was in Asia and most of the shop attendants there had very little knowledge of diamonds and the 4 C’s. They only seemed to grade their diamonds on the carat weight. Although some would give me some details once I queried them more although usually they would have to consult with a senior shop keeper or resort to looking up details in a guide book.

The prices for the diamonds in the south East Asian countries were very high for the quality in the shops I visited although if you can get to more independent shops away from malls you can find better deals although the risks also rise.

Expensive Diamond rings

Australian Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping

I later travelled back to Australia and I found a huge difference with the shop keepers to have much more expert knowledge of the diamonds they were selling. But the prices were not that much better, maybe the quality was a bit better but many did not even offer a proper GIA certificate but had their own guarantee or insurance.

Shop Locally or Online?

I researched for some time and found the best and most popular online shops to buy good quality diamond rings. Comparing the prices with these online shops and what I would get for my money to local shops was very rewarding.

I found I was able to decide what my budget would be or the carat size of the diamond or any of the other 4 C’s. If I wanted a .80 to .90 carat diamond with an emerald cut for example, with very good cut and a good color of E or F, good clarity etc then I could decide what of these factors were the most important to choose from. By having these options it certainly made buying the diamond for the ring so much easier and easier to understand the more I tried it.

Diamond Engagement Ring Experience

Believe me, you soon learn about the 4 C’s once you spend a few hours online and a couple of hours shopping around in stores. I think 1 to 2 days is enough for anyone to gain enough knowledge about diamonds to be able to buy a good diamond and get a good deal. You don’t need to spend weeks or months to research at all unless you want to become a diamond expert and will work in the industry.

I was able to pick up a very nice emerald diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend and I also realized an emerald diamond is better with a high color rating and to be of better quality then other shapes since the flaws are easier to be seen in this bold shape. Of course it depends on the person and what they prefer and the most popular cut is the princess these days.

Importance of the CUT

I think one of the most important things I learned was that the “CUT” is probably the single most important factor when buying a diamond since that is what will bring out the best features of any diamond. Each shape and size must be considered along with all the other characteristics to be able to ascertain which diamond is going to suit your tastes and needs.

Adding more to this….

I ordered my ring from Bluenile and what I like with them is you get what you pay for. But I have since found after I ordered that there are a lot of details about the diamond that I was not really aware of before.

There is so much information about each diamond they sell for you to check up on. I’m not just talking about the 4 C’s but there is much more including all the fine details like Depth %, Table %, Polish, Symmetry, Girdle, Cutlet, Fluorescence, Measurement and Length/Width Ratio.

You can compare each diamond to another and you will see each one will be slightly different. One diamond might offer nearly all the same 4 C’s but one could offer these other finer details differently. One diamond could offer a more favorable depth % or the Polish could be better and so on…

Here is a good web page that explains a lot of these proportion details

Here is an article explaining Culet Cuts and Facets (basically no cutlet is ideal if you get it set professionally but a small cutlet is often preferred to avoid chipping).

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Gemstone Rings are Aways Fashionable

Gemstone RingRegardless of current fashion trends, gemstone rings never go out of style. Gemstone jewelry and adornments have been around since biblical times. The twelve tribes of Israel were represented by twelve gemstones on religious garments. There is a very rich history behind many gemstones on the market today. Most people are familiar with the tradition of birthstones, however, there are older traditions and lore about many of the popular stones of today. As interesting as the traditions and lore are, the beauty of the rich colors of gemstones is what attracts people to them.

Of course, the most popular gemstones are Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. These are the most well known stones and have remained popular for centuries. Diamonds are the most expensive and will always be the most popular as they also are a popular status symbol. Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds are popular because of their rich color. The most beautiful of gemstone rings is diamond cluster rings. However, these rings are even more beautiful if a Ruby or any other gemstone is in the center. This type of ring not only makes a statement, but it conveys elegance and glamour.

There are many gemstones that are gaining in popularity such as Tanzanite, Peridot and Amethysts. These amazing stones offer a different color range and allow one to be very creative in one’s style and fashion. Of course, any of these stones look amazing surrounded by Diamonds! Gemstone rings allow you to convey your own personal style from very simple rings to very elaborate rings. Many women have discovered the value of having different gemstone rings in their jewelry collections. Regardless of your favorite stone, a gemstone ring will always attract attention.

Jewelry has always been popular whether it is a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Because we use our hands so much in interactions with others, rings are the most popular piece of jewelry. Nothing showcases a gemstone ring than the hands. We move our hands so much during conversations allowing our gemstone rings to sparkle like crazy!

Having a elegant and stylish wardrobe is great, but having gemstone rings to accentuate that wardrobe is fantastic. A wonderful gemstone ring can take a casual look all the way to glamorous! Finding gemstone rings to suit your style is easy with so many amazing designs to choose from. There popularity has increased so much that you can find gemstone rings almost anywhere.

Importance of Diamond Clarity

Diamond ClarityDiamond Pendant, Diamond Necklace or Diamond Earrings – Surely, you would have made the decision on which of these three you would like to buy for your partner. But hold on – Have you paid enough attention to the kind of diamonds that need to be included in these jewelry items. For starters, it may not make an inch of difference for your partner, if the diamonds in her jewelry are SI2 or VS2, but there is something intriguing in store for you.

Most diamonds have flaws, and most diamonds are worked on in lab conditions. That means one thing – The diamonds you see on websites, are sure to have some flaws in them (Well, most of them do). Diamond clarity often talks about two things – Blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are external flaws, and inclusions, internal. Most diamond pendant and diamond necklace sellers exclude blemishes off their product list.

But, inclusions do find their way onto the defect list. And they result in a difference in the diamond clarity.

Typically, a 10X loupe magnification process is used for determining diamond clarity. Broadly, based on the process, here are the different Diamond Clarity choices explained for you.

*FL – Flawless – It is extremely difficult to find F Clarity Diamonds as these are completely free of any blemishes and inclusions. For all I know, there are very few diamond websites that sell these diamonds. This diamond necklace and diamond pendant website surely has some FL class diamonds.

IF (Internally Flawless) diamonds, is probably a subset of the FL Category! The only difference here is that the IF Clarity diamonds have minor blemishes, which may not appear to a normal human being. It needs a skilled eye to detect these blemishes.

*VVS1 – VVS2 – For all practical purposes, you could term these diamonds to be a part of the IF Category, as they have very minor inclusions that need the precision of a skilled worker to detect.

*VS1 – VS2 – The VS1 and VS2 Clarity diamonds do have inclusions, but even they can only be seen in a 10X microscope by a trained eye. Broadly, these diamonds fall under the defect category of Very Slightly Included (Two Grades) diamonds.

*SI1 – SI2 – Inclusions in the SI1 – SI2 diamonds are easily detected by the 10X Microscope. These diamonds fall under the category, Slightly Included (Two Grades).

*I1 – I3 – Talk of diamond clarity and I1-I3 diamonds form the lowest bar on the performance scale. Most jewelry sellers wouldn’t recommend buying these diamonds, as the inclusions are clearly visible to the naked eye as well as the Microscope. That said, some people who wish to buy inexpensive diamonds and are willing to give the diamond some treatment, I1-I3 diamonds could be an attractive option.

Now that you know all about diamond clarity, it shouldn’t be a tough exercise for you, when you wish to purchase some diamonds or diamond jewelry.

Ideal Gift for Her

If you have either just met the woman of your dreams, or you are shopping for a lady in your life who has been around for years, there are plenty of great gifts. Shopping for a love interest is different than shopping for a friend, daughter, or mother. You should try to mix a classic gift with romance for the perfect option. Choosing a practical gift, unless she has specifically told you she wants an item that is practical, is probably not the route to take.

romantic giftIf your girlfriend or wife wants a romantic gift for an upcoming occasion and she gets a toaster, you will be feeling her anger. She will angry and hurt by your choice of a practical gift. She wants something that makes her feel special. You can give anyone a toaster, but she wants something that is uniquely couple-oriented. If you want to find a gift that is sure to make her smile, consider handmade artisan jewelry.

These options will make her smile. Even women who usually do not wear a lot of adornment will love unique pieces that stand out and catch the attention of others.

If her trinket box is full, consider a romantic gift of another kind. Fashion-oriented women love accessories, and would be thrilled with scarves, shoes, or purses. Some women are very particular about their accessories, but you will thrill her if you pick something she likes. If you buy something she loves, she will be touched by the fact you have been paying attention to her style.

If fashion is not her thing, consider spending time together as a gift. Instead of giving her something to unwrap, you can plan time away for a short vacation. You can take her away for the weekend to a nearby bed and breakfast, a camping facility, or a luxury hotel. Even if you do not travel along distance, the trip lets you spend quality time together.

Another option is creating time at home that is special and just for the two of you. Have the kids and anyone else who lives with you go away for the weekend. Make dinner or order in, open a bottle of wine and spend time gazing into one another’s eyes. Gift ideas are plentiful, so choose carefully for the lady you love. Remember to keep it romantic, so she will know she is loved and special. This way, your gift will be a big hit with the lady of your dreams.

New Engagement Rings

The ring is the most important item to buy if you decide on marrying the love of your life. It is something the lady would like to show off to her friends after the occasion. Be it an engagement or a wedding, the significance of it will still be the same.

Over the years we have seen so many new engagement rings come into the market. Weddings and engagement ceremonies are celebrated in almost every person’s life. Such significant moments rely on the ring, as this is a symbol of love, commitment and faithfulness. engagement ring designs vary each year as the market keeps flocking with the latest. It comes with different shapes and sizes serving a variety of purposes.

What one individual likes may not be the same for another. This may be why jewelry designers spend a lot of time trying to create a new engagement ring designs that are unmatchable.

What exactly goes into choosing the perfect design from all the engagement ring designs that you’ve already seen? Some may think it’s the cost, but this is actually the least considered factor by many people. While the cost of the ring play a big role in the whole design, it is also the individuals personality and style. Wanting a traditional design or a modern one, a gold or a platinum ring simply depends on the individuals taste.

There is a wide range of new engagement ring designs to choose from. Starting from Solitaires to Vintage rings, the more ethnic type to the antique pieces, each ring will have its own unique feature that sets them apart. Today many brides opt for a custom made design. Many of the most notable jewelers showcase contemporary designs.

The stone setting, the types of metals used, the textures, weight and color are considered for all the engagement ring designs that we see in the market today. Metals such as white and yellow gold, platinum and titanium are very much in demand with stones like diamonds, pearls, rubies and sapphires.

Affordable Engagement Rings

When a man proposes to his girlfriend he is supposed to present her with a gorgeous engagement ring. Convention suggests that this ring should cost roughly 3 months of the man’s pay, but of course, this will all come down to individual preference and a much money you much you actually have. Whatever the situation, purchasing pre-set affordable engagement rings can be quite an expensive enterprise and can really set any man back a fair few years on his savings.

However, this does not always need to be the case, and if you go about it in a sensible manner there is no reason why you cannot find some cheaper options. Of course, many men will want to purchase a diamond engagement ring in order to make the occasion the more special. Diamond engagement rings are the cream of the crop when it comes to elegance and beauty and as such every single man wants to make his partner the happiest girl in the world on this occasion.

If you want to get one of these rings for better value than you first need to learn about the four C’s involved. These refer to the cut, clarity, carat, and colour of the pre-set engagement ring and the more you understand about each of these, the more likely you will be able to find a good bargain. You also need to take some time in establishing your own budget that you are happy with. You certainly don’t want to be overstretching yourself and if you are looking for cheaper options then you need to focus on exactly how much you are willing to spend. If you are intent on getting a diamond ring then you should certainly conduct some research into average prices that you are expected to spend. It is also important that you do some research into the various types of designs and styles that are offer. Some of these designs will be a lot more expensive than others and so this will have to be factored in.

Go for rings which are beautiful but not necessarily costly for the engagement. You do not really have to compromise on the quality of the pre-set diamond ring if you pay less for the ring. The materials which are used in the rings today re high quality and you would also be able to get a quality certificate with your ring so you will be able to rest assured that even if you spend less, you will still get a ring which is high in quality. It is also helpful to have a little knowledge about the type of rings that you are planning to purchase. This can come in handy and help you make the right choices. Ask a buddy to join you in your search for the ring if you are not too sure about the kind of choices you should make. Cheap diamond rings can be easily found on the internet today.

diamond engagement ringThe easiest way to find the right rings is online because you will be able to find many good sales and discounts at all times on the internet. Even the branded jewelry stores have websites today so you can find out more about their discounts and clearance sales to take an advantage of it. There are also a few great specialty stores which offer great diamond jewelry at wholesale and discounted prices which are quite good. These rings are offered at lower prices since the stores themselves do not have big overhead costs. Also, you would be able to compare the prices and check the collections of various stores at once within moments.

Cubic Zirconia Pendants

With every New Year comes a new excuse to plan your weeks and months ahead, filling your social diary with suitable events. So, here’s something that could make your events just that little bit more special – cubic zirconia pendants.

The Parties

Whether its a best friend’s birthday that requires a suitable large celebration, there’s always a reason to buy cubic zirconia pendants. It may even be just a club night, but that’s still a good excuse to dress up and make the most of your feminine physique. Choose a cubic zirconia pendant and you’ll definitely have the perfect accessory for any party celebration.

cubic zirconia pendants

Many people prefer to give cubic zirconia pendants as a gift, as they know the reaction they get will be worth every penny spent on the item of jewellery. Anyone getting ready to celebrate an 18th birthday would greatly appreciate the gift of a cubic zirconia pendant, so it is worthy consideration if you’re stuck for something to buy your loved one or friend.

Congratulations On The Degree

Degree graduates always like to have one last party before they leave for the world of work, which is then a perfect time to wear a cubic zirconia pendant. This is indeed one time when flamboyant celebrations are necessary, and only the finest jewellery will do, such as white gold cubic zirconia pendants.

In truth, if you’re wanting to make any day something to remember, cubic zirconia pendants can do it so effortlessly. The hardest part is often deciding what jewellery to wear when you have a night out, but a stunning collection of pendants in your jewellery box will mean you never have to worry again!

Special days can be made even more special with the right jewellery, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to make this happen. The best advice is to shop at a boutique jewellery specialist.