Buying Wedding Band Online or Local Jewelry Stores?

Platinum Wedding Band

Research Wedding Bands

I started to research some local jewelry stores for wedding bands. I wanted to see what the price of marriage bands and a typical store price of a platinum wedding band. What I found was quite surprising. I went to bigger well known name stores. They all had a small collection of super light weight wedding bands. Most did not have more than one platinum band in stock but were using artificial plated samples.

The Details of the Wedding Bands

I started with the so called wholesale public stores. A couple of them had whats called K platinum. This is platinum mixed with amalgamate to reduce the price and worth. The price shown was not good value. Avoid this low quality platinum at all costs. When I asked for 950 platinum they usually had only awfully light weight bands. Most were what I would call extra light. I would not buy bands like that because the lack of thickness makes the edge a little too thin to be smooth.

Platinum Wedding BandIs it a Platinum Wedding Band?

I did see lots of palladium wedding bands that a number were trying to sell as platinum. The sales person did not say they were platinum but they did say it was nearly a similar thing and was a part of the platinum family. Naturally they forget to say that platinum is almost double the weight and the spot price of the metal is 3 times as much. The price being charged was a little under the platinum price . It seems like palladium is being used as a significant profit platinum look a like.

Know What You are Buying

At the end of the day you want to know what you are buying. I know online platinum wedding band store that are less than half what the local retail stores are set at plus gives all of the details. I always list the weight and thickness. If you are making an attempt to comparison shop be sure to ask for the gram weight and thickness of any wedding band you are looking at buying. Buying rings can be done safely online and you can compare real values if you area good buyer.