Finding that Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Perfect Diamond Engagement RingI was lucky enough to have recently become engaged to a beautiful girl. I will write about my own experience of looking for a diamond engagement ring for her….

Online Research for a Diamond Engagement Ring

When I first decided I would get engaged and buy my lovely girlfriend a beautiful engagement ring I had absolutely no experience or knowledge of diamonds or even engagement rings in general. So the first thing I did was get online and type in the typical phrases like “engagement ring” or “diamond rings” etc. A load of web pages were listed and I was instantly able to find a lot of information about diamonds and engagement rings.

The 4 C’s

I soon learned of the 4 C’s and what they mean, the importance of understanding this. I printed out the charts and sent copies to my smartphone so when I was in the shops I could look up to see what grade the diamonds on the rings were.

The 4 C’s are:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat weight

Shopping in Asia

At first when I went out I was in Asia and most of the shop attendants there had very little knowledge of diamonds and the 4 C’s. They only seemed to grade their diamonds on the carat weight. Although some would give me some details once I queried them more although usually they would have to consult with a senior shop keeper or resort to looking up details in a guide book.

The prices for the diamonds in the south East Asian countries were very high for the quality in the shops I visited although if you can get to more independent shops away from malls you can find better deals although the risks also rise.

Expensive Diamond rings

Australian Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping

I later travelled back to Australia and I found a huge difference with the shop keepers to have much more expert knowledge of the diamonds they were selling. But the prices were not that much better, maybe the quality was a bit better but many did not even offer a proper GIA certificate but had their own guarantee or insurance.

Shop Locally or Online?

I researched for some time and found the best and most popular online shops to buy good quality diamond rings. Comparing the prices with these online shops and what I would get for my money to local shops was very rewarding.

I found I was able to decide what my budget would be or the carat size of the diamond or any of the other 4 C’s. If I wanted a .80 to .90 carat diamond with an emerald cut for example, with very good cut and a good color of E or F, good clarity etc then I could decide what of these factors were the most important to choose from. By having these options it certainly made buying the diamond for the ring so much easier and easier to understand the more I tried it.

Diamond Engagement Ring Experience

Believe me, you soon learn about the 4 C’s once you spend a few hours online and a couple of hours shopping around in stores. I think 1 to 2 days is enough for anyone to gain enough knowledge about diamonds to be able to buy a good diamond and get a good deal. You don’t need to spend weeks or months to research at all unless you want to become a diamond expert and will work in the industry.

I was able to pick up a very nice emerald diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend and I also realized an emerald diamond is better with a high color rating and to be of better quality then other shapes since the flaws are easier to be seen in this bold shape. Of course it depends on the person and what they prefer and the most popular cut is the princess these days.

Importance of the CUT

I think one of the most important things I learned was that the “CUT” is probably the single most important factor when buying a diamond since that is what will bring out the best features of any diamond. Each shape and size must be considered along with all the other characteristics to be able to ascertain which diamond is going to suit your tastes and needs.

Adding more to this….

I ordered my ring from Bluenile and what I like with them is you get what you pay for. But I have since found after I ordered that there are a lot of details about the diamond that I was not really aware of before.

There is so much information about each diamond they sell for you to check up on. I’m not just talking about the 4 C’s but there is much more including all the fine details like Depth %, Table %, Polish, Symmetry, Girdle, Cutlet, Fluorescence, Measurement and Length/Width Ratio.

You can compare each diamond to another and you will see each one will be slightly different. One diamond might offer nearly all the same 4 C’s but one could offer these other finer details differently. One diamond could offer a more favorable depth % or the Polish could be better and so on…

Here is a good web page that explains a lot of these proportion details

Here is an article explaining Culet Cuts and Facets (basically no cutlet is ideal if you get it set professionally but a small cutlet is often preferred to avoid chipping).

*Please feel welcome to download the free Finding that Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring EBook of this article and share it with your friends.